Opel Movano B (X62) Compressor air suspension

Opel Movano B (X62) Compressor air suspension Opel Movano B (X62) Compressor air suspension Opel Movano B (X62) Compressor air suspension Opel Movano B (X62) Compressor air suspension
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The air compressor offered by Miessler AutomotiveŽ can be used for various vehicles such as Renault Master, Opel Movano, Nissan Vauxhall, MB Sprinter, VW Crafter and replaces the OE compressor AMK A1646, OEM AMK A1716, as well as the corresponding vehicle manufacturer spare part numbers.
The vehicles were equipped with air suspension as original equipment or retrofitted.
The compressor has the same technical specifications.The additional included important suspension elements for the compressor prevent increased vibration noise.
Can be installed in the following vehicles: 
Opel Movano X62 (2010 --)
Original spare part number of the air supply system:
GM 95514729
VB Airsuspension 1052111100, 81601-0
AMK A1716, AMK 1646  
Scope of delivery:
Tyco Relay
Mounting parts set 1352131037
CAUTION: The replacement of the relay is mandatory, otherwise the warranty on the compressor is forfeited!
Relay must be replaced at the same time as the compressor change
- Documented quality management (Quality management in the automotive industry IATF-16949) by the manufacturer.
- Final assembly* and additional final inspection is carried out at Miessler Automotive, Germany.
- Long-term tested (300h)
- Long-term corrosion test (720h salt spray according to DIN 50021-SS)
- Dimensional and functional stability test at 110°C for 1h
- Suitable for operation at an ambient temperature of -40°C to 80°C (t<3 min. = 100°C)
- IP protection class: IP6K6/IP6K7K with contact attached
*(required for certain models and for air supply systems)
Before purchasing a compressor, please note the following:
The most common reason for a defective compressor is a leak in the system, causing the compressor to run too long and too often.
An excessive number of switch-on cycles will cause the relay contacts to stick together.
As a result, the relay no longer functions.
The result is continuous current on the compressor.
The compressor runs continuously without control until it burns out.
Before a new compressor is installed, all the reasons why it has been damaged must be completely eliminated.
To the leak:
A leak can occur in many places, for example:
- Porous or damaged air springs or air spring parts (strut)
- Worn seals, defective compressed air connections and chafed compressed air hoses
- Leaky housings in components such as compressors, valves, air springs or suspension struts.
Every air spring system is vulnerable in this way.
Therefore, follow our advice to avoid any further repairs in the near future.
Basic advantages why you are in good hands with Miessler AutomotiveŽ when it comes to air suspension:
- We have been dealing with this topic since 2003
- Manufacturer selected by us is one of the supporting pillars for best quality
- Close cooperation with manufacturers in the field of quality management
- More and more own products that facilitate the repair of your vehicle
- Repair service in our own specialist car workshop.
Our technical advice for the air supply device:
1. Change the relays before installing the compressor even if it seems to still work.
This is also a specification by the car manufacturer. Be sure to change the right relays.
Relays look similar, that is why there is a risk to change the  wrong relays.
2. Be sure to check whether the system is leakproof after repairing.
The easiest way to do this is to park the vehicle. Wait for the system to automatically re-adjust if your car has this feature.
Then measure the heights from the ground to the lower edge of the fender as exactly as possible and take notes.
On the day after measure these heights  again and compare them with the ones before. Even a small difference will lead to a damaged compressor and damaged valves in the long run.
When driving with a leaking suspension for a long time it needs to be assumed that the compressor is running more often than normal. The increased number of cycles of powering on and off is likely to already have damaged the compressor.  Depending on the duration of that condition you should change the relays and check the performance of the compressor to be on the safe side. After the vehicle stood overnight the compressor normally doesn't need to run more than 20 to 30 seconds for the system to be ready to start.

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