Specialist for air suspension - THE compressor units Manufacturers

Miessler Automotive stands for

- optimal quality standards*

- most diverse product range**

- longest experience (in Europe)***

in the field of air suspension for passenger cars, Suv and vans.

We are the only company in this field that can offer such portfolio:

-Original spare parts (OEM) of the manufacturers Bilstein, WABCO, AMK, RAPA, Alligator, Dunlop, Tyco;

-completely revised original spare parts of the brands Audi, Bentley, Jaguar, Maserati, Mercedes, Jeep, Porsche, Volvo, Volkswagen (others on request);

-our own products for most vehicles with air suspension.

*Optimal quality standards:

- In the field of Original Equipment Manufacturers, the products undergo the same ISO / ITAF certification requirements as the original equipment of your vehicle by the car manufacturer.

- Due to the cooperation with a European company which is specialized for many years in the field of the revision of air suspension struts and shock absorbers, we can offer you in this sector technically as good as new original products.

- Our own products have been specially developed to meet our requirements. This unique selling proposition is the big difference to the usual products in the independent secondary market.

**Most diverse product range:

- We are constantly expanding the scope of our portfolio so that other important spare parts for repairing the air suspension of your vehicle are also available to you.

- As an innovative company, we are constantly pushing the process of offering more spare parts related to air suspension.

- Only with us you often have the "agony of choice" between new goods of the original manufacturers, new goods of our own products and completely revised original shock absorbers, air springs and compressors.

***Many years of experience:

Our first products which we have offered since 2003 for European vehicles were unique on the market.

The topic of air suspension became more and more popular due to "free riders", Chinese plagiarism and the increasing interest of the original manufacturers.

This has made the market very opaque for end consumers in terms of quality and the actually correct scope of supply.

At Miessler Automotive you can be sure that you will receive products as described by us.